Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Ms. Garafolo

I hope I spelled your name right, because I want to be certain that I am addressing the right person. I am not a racist, the fact that you call all the tea party attendants racist proves your total ignorance. I don't hate Obama because he's black, I don't hate him at all. I don't like him, I don't like his brand of politics, I don't understand how he can possibly fix the economy by spending money. I believe he is a fascist and the liberals are gushing with party loyalty and giving the president whatever he wants, and thats going to lead this great nation into a dark time. He is kissing the ass of the world, because he is building a one world government. When that happens America loses her sovereignty and all of us lose our freedoms. But you probably think thats a good idea, you are one of those "America Sucks" people, like my daughter, who thinks that anything has to be better than what we have now. People like you don't know how good you have it, and that makes you weak to a charismatic fascist like Obama. Because you labeled all of the tea partiers racist, in the name of defending liberalism, you are the new recipient of the American Free Thinker *FUCK YOU* award. Congratulations. The funny thing is up until this morning I was a big fan. AFT

Friday, April 17, 2009

Road Map for America

Road Map for America from a Past President
THIS DISCOURSE FROM 1839 SHOWS WHERE WE ARE : The Jubilee of the Constitution, the last part of the discourse by President John Quincy Adams
Delivered at the request of the New York Historical Society, on Tuesday, the 30th of April, 1839;

Being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the INAUGURATION OF GEORGE WASHINGTON as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, on Thursday, the 30th of April, 1789
And now the future is all before us, and Providence our guide.
When the children of Israel, after forty years of wanderings in the wilderness, were about to enter upon the promised land, their leader, Moses, who was not permitted to cross the Jordan with them, just before his removal from among them, commanded that when the Lord their God should have brought them into the land, they should put the curse upon Mount Ebal, and the blessing upon Mount Gerizim. This injunction was faithfully fulfilled by his successor Joshua. Immediately after they had taken possession of the land, Joshua built an altar to the Lord, of whole stones, upon Mount Ebal. And there he wrote upon the stones a copy of the law of Moses, which he had written in the presence of the children of Israel: and all Israel, and their elders and officers, and their judges, stood on the two sides of the ark of the covenant, home by the priests and Levites, six tribes over against Mount Gerizim, and six over against Mount Ebal. And he read all the words of the law, the blessings and cursings, according to all that was written in the book of the law.
Fellow-citizens, the ark of your covenant is the Declaration of independence. Your Mount Ebal, is the confederacy of separate state sovereignties, and your Mount Gerizim is the Constitution of the United States. In that scene of tremendous and awful solemnity, narrated in the Holy Scriptures, there is not a curse pronounced against the people, upon Mount Ebal, not a blessing promised them upon Mount Gerizim, which your posterity may not suffer or enjoy, from your and their adherence to, or departure from, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, practically interwoven in the Constitution of the United States. Lay up these principles, then, in your hearts, and in your souls - bind them for signs upon your hands, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes - teach them to your children, speaking of them when sitting in your houses, when walking by the way, when lying down and when rising up - write them upon the doorplates of your houses, and upon your gates - cling to them as to the issues of life - adhere to them as to the cords of your eternal salvation. So may your children's children at the next return of this day of jubilee, after a full century of experience under your national Constitution, celebrate it again in the full enjoyment of all the blessings recognized by you in the commemoration of this day, and of all the blessings promised to the children of Israel upon Mount Gerizim, as the reward of obedience to the law of God.
America needs her people.

This was sent to me from my friend Larry over at Patriotic Resistance. He alway knows just what to send at just the right times. Thank you Larry, your an inspiration.

Obama is Anti-Christian, if not EVIL!

It has come to my attention that Obama ordered the removal of Jesus from Georgetown U. before he would speak there. this one has pictures.

The above links are to blogs that all cover this story very well, so I won't. I'm just going to give you my radical opinion.

I'm sure theres lots of reasons why he'd want to do this, all of them I am certain have something to do with his foreign affairs. Let me tell you a story, my wifes step father was a little boy in Nazi Germany, he saw Hitler speak, and he said Hitler was a great hypnotic charismatic speaker, and he also told us that Obama reminds him of Hitler. Obama is a hypnotic charismatic speaker. You know what else Hitler was? A Jew hater, certainly. He was also evil. Evil, yeah I said it. Some even say that Hitler was the anti-Christ. So we have to ask ourselves does Obama hate Jews, well obviously he would never say it, but he is loyal to Islam. Need evidence to back it up? Go look at the pictures of him bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. Let's all be real honest with ourselves, we know they, Muslims, hate Jews. Thus all the conflict in the middle east. I guess what I'm getting around to is that Obama could be the anti-Christ. Think about it, how many people already see him as "Messianic". I know that is an unpopular thing to say, that I could be labeled as extremist, or racist, or radical. Radical is my favorite, because to me Radical means thinking outside the norm and being open to any idea. Yeah, I am a radical. I love God and I love America. I also love Truth, Justice, and Freedom. So I'll accept being called a nut as long as I can be sure you see the potential for evil that exists in Obama. AFT

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The End is Near...

...for republicans and democrats, read this

Pelosi Pisses Me Off!

I just saw this on Fox news, and its got me angry. I cannot believe that this bitch is so out of touch with the people that she couldn't see the homemade signs and could not possibly understand the outrage. Maybe she did understand but she is so far left she is no longer allowed to speak anything that her fascist master hasn't approved. Nancy Pelosi is a dismissive, partisan prostitute that can't even acknowledge the truth about peoples anger, once again she spun it to be anti tax. When are they gonna realize it's not ANTI TAX, its ANTI SPENDING and ANTI PARTISANSHIP? When will the politicians, on both sides, realize that the people are on to their tricks, we no longer fall for their lies, we care more about this nation than they do. We know they serve themselves and don't have any idea what defines honor and integrity! I'm afraid they are not gonna wake up until the people are dragging them out of their offices and burning them in the streets. The "elite" are so far out of touch that the only way we can influence them is to revolt. I'm not advocating a full on revolution, I have in the past but I am older and wiser now, but something drastic has to get done in order to open their eyes. We have to hold them accountable and because the judicial branch of our government is split left and right, then we the people have the patriotic duty to charge and try them ourselves in a public court where they will be afforded all the rights and freedoms guaranteed them by the Constitution which they no longer uphold. I'm not just talking senators and representatives, I am holding the president himself accountable. AFT

Tea Party Success

Outward appearances say "Big Success". However we have to ask ourselves did the message get to the ears of those who needed to hear it the most. I really hate how the leftwing media did everything they could to belittle the movement. Silly, Extremist, those are just a few of the labels slapped on the partiers. Too bad not one media personality could bring themselves to call them Heroes, Patriots, or at the very least acknowledge the anti conservative portion. Heres some stuff from Glenn Beck:

What really shocks me is that Glenn Beck hasn't been fired from a clearly right wing media outlet, because he, like me, blames both sides of the aisle for the problems. Maybe we should start a new political party, Constitutionalist, our symbol should be the Liberty Bell. AFT

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Left vs Right = No one wins!

I was just over at Fox news website, where I read this, "Anti Tax Tea Parties". I don't think the parties are about taxes, they are about spending. Wake up, the media constantly bends the truth to fit whatever political side they are on, there is no "fair and balanced". I was reading comments, and the left and right are fighting, duh. One of the lefties said, "silly tea parties", that means that the commentor has to demean it as silly because once again logic and truth have left the leftys. Lots of talk about Acorn. Acorn is clearly liberal, and yet no one bitches when they got a big chunk of stimulus money. I am so sick of the left and the right, its not a political party problem, it's an American problem. If all of the country is divided by partisanship then neither side can accomplish anything beneficial to the country. Throw off your political party and join America and do what is best for America and while your doing it, dont violate my Constitution. People who are pissed at the prez are automatically labeled right wing, and anyone pro prez is labeled left wing. I'm pissed at the prez and congress and pissed at the "bury your head in the sand and hope for something good" people, and I am a party of one. Wanna try and label me? AFT

The Really Big Picture

Let's start by putting the good ol' US of A at center. The American people are getting their ire up, they are organizing and there is even talk of revolution. Murmurings of lost freedom, and corruption. N. Korea testing missiles, maybe selling them to Iran, and now withdrawing from talks. Iran spreading fear, enriching uranium saying its for power plants, but really we know its for nuclear weapons. Quagmirish multinational conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Chinese quietly biding their time, who knows whats up their sleeves. Cuba likes the new American president, maybe he will be able to kill them with kindness and show them how great democracy is, probably not because theres alot of angry Americans who are unhappy with the new prez. France hates America, even though we should be friends, maybe the new USA prez will make friends with the frenchies. UK is having their own problems and they too are sick of misrepresentation by their parlaiment, but they still have a queen, how quaint. Theres rumors of a secret plot to unite all the nations of the world in one global govt. That sounds like the kickoff to World War III to me. We can't get along, they hate us for being free, we hate them for hating us. Muslims hate Christians and Jews. Christians don't know Muslims hate them, they forgot that jihad means "holy" war, Jews can never forget the hatred, they've always been hated.
The nations or groups not mentioned are the ones we should be worrying about, they are quietly handling their business doing, God only knows what. What would God say if he or she suddenly appeared and saw us all hating, fearing, threatening, killing, and cheating each other?
Don't forget all the militant groups who are not state sponsored but sure would like a chance to use the weapons they've been stockpiling, you know who they are, Neo Nazis, Al-Qaeda, Anarchists, Black Panthers, Hezbollah, Somali pirates, etc, etc, etc. Things appear darkest before the dawn, well it's pretty freakin dark out there. One of two things will happen, things will get better, or things will break into all out war and then things will get better for the winner. Unless, some nut launches nukes and then we are all toast. AFT

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends and readers. God bless you and keep you. Got a bible? Open it to John 3:16 and read. May the light of God shine on you today.