Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pelosi Pisses Me Off!

I just saw this on Fox news, and its got me angry. I cannot believe that this bitch is so out of touch with the people that she couldn't see the homemade signs and could not possibly understand the outrage. Maybe she did understand but she is so far left she is no longer allowed to speak anything that her fascist master hasn't approved. Nancy Pelosi is a dismissive, partisan prostitute that can't even acknowledge the truth about peoples anger, once again she spun it to be anti tax. When are they gonna realize it's not ANTI TAX, its ANTI SPENDING and ANTI PARTISANSHIP? When will the politicians, on both sides, realize that the people are on to their tricks, we no longer fall for their lies, we care more about this nation than they do. We know they serve themselves and don't have any idea what defines honor and integrity! I'm afraid they are not gonna wake up until the people are dragging them out of their offices and burning them in the streets. The "elite" are so far out of touch that the only way we can influence them is to revolt. I'm not advocating a full on revolution, I have in the past but I am older and wiser now, but something drastic has to get done in order to open their eyes. We have to hold them accountable and because the judicial branch of our government is split left and right, then we the people have the patriotic duty to charge and try them ourselves in a public court where they will be afforded all the rights and freedoms guaranteed them by the Constitution which they no longer uphold. I'm not just talking senators and representatives, I am holding the president himself accountable. AFT

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