Thursday, May 28, 2009

UFO Saved The Earth?,2933,522217,00.html?test=latestnews

This is a good story even if it turns out to be a lie. However, if some benevolent aliens did sacrifice themselves to save the earth, then we must question why they did it? Is the earth a project they are working on. Are we being cultivated to one day fit some need? Perhaps they need us for food. Maybe we should build some kind of memorial to the valiant defenders who gave all to protect the earth.

If I were an alien I'd get away from this planet, the earth is full of barbarous murderers and we're constantly at war somewhere on the planet, not to mention nuclear proliferation. I wouldn't want anything to do with the human race.

I know this isn't my usual type of news story but I have been feeling kinda crappy lately, I guess you could call it depressed, about the dark fate of this country and now possibly the extinction of the human race by our own bombs. I see what kind of hell is coming to this country and everybody is too busy with their own causes to unite behind the one cause that could save our asses, freedom. We will apparently go quietly into oppression because everybody is too scared to stand up for themselves. I got a family too, but dammit something needs to be done, and I tried to unite people and the people called me a nut, a loon, and an extremist. We either need to fully revolt against the government or shut the fuck up about Obama, shut the fuck up about politics, shut the fuck up about taxes, and just fucking take it like good little slaves. AFT

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Korean War 2009?

Oh that nutty Kim Jong Il, he has tested a nuke, and said today that they will no longer honor the truce that ended the Korean War. World War III anyone? The US military is already overstretched, and the American people are trying to fight for their own freedom, now we'll be faced with an aggressive nuclear nation led by a villain who has no respect for freedom or human rights. Ever feel like all the bad crap in the world happens to you? I've been saying that we needed to unite the people if we were seriously going to take back our rights, but now we'll be lucky if the people can unite behind a war effort like the people did in World War II. Good Luck America! AFT

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surveillance Aircraft--M12

Why does the United States need this aircraft? Don't they already have surveillance planes? Drones, etc. I think this one was developed for use in the US. So they can keep a close eye on those "right wing extremists"! Why would you want to use a civilian looking vehicle in Iraq, seems like it would look out of place. It would blend in perfectly here at home, nobody would suspect this thing if they saw it taking off or flying around cities. Looks like a commercial craft. The war on terror is turning inward toward us, us being the people who see the tyranny coming and are ready to stand up against oppression for the sole reason of preserving freedom for future generations to come. AFT

Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Digital Elections

I have been talking about getting someone to try this for awhile now, because I know it will revolutionize voting and really get everyone involved. Kudos Honolulu! C'mon America let's adopt this system for everything we vote on. Here's a nutty idea, voting via website could give the people the power of veto, bill comes out of congress, people vote on it, then president signs it or doesn't if the people veto it. President doesn't get veto, because the people have the power. The people should've had a veto vote from the beginning, but now the information age makes it easy and affordable. I fully support this and recommend it to any state or community that needs to save money, digital voting, the way of the future. AFT