Friday, June 26, 2009

Political Cartoon!

A Deserving Hero

Heres a worthy cause, please put this picture on your blog! Spread the word!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Out of the blue!

The picture above is my brother, he has lived in California for a long time now, we've never been close. Today I get an email from him, obviously he is an Obama supporter, and thinks I am a racist for being against Obama. He also threatened to show everyone the picture of him wearing a turban if I didn't stop doing what I do. Y'know I stopped caring about him years ago, he was a prick then and he still is. After all these years he decides to contact me, not to say, "Hi" or "Whats up" no he wants to publicly humiliate me because he is a bastard. Sorry Mom and Dad. But it is true. I worked as long as I could in life, but I got bad hips, I'm on disability, believe me I want to work. Even though I technically do not pay taxes, I still fight for those who do. This email from my brother only emboldens me, I know he thinks I've had an easy life, he thinks I am just a lazy asshole, but I don't care, I know what I do is right. I am going to continue fighting for your rights, I will continue pointing out what is wrong with this world, and I will continue rallying against heavy and unnecessary taxation. As for my brother, well he was never a brother to me, so I don't count him in my family anymore. ROB