Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama Warns Bankers

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I'm not gonna bother to go into detail on this one, I only want to comment on one thing. Obama told the bankers that his administration is the only thing between the bankers and the pitchforks. Thats true, those idiots screwed up bad and the American people are holding them accountable. However, those same pitchfork and torches Americans are also getting angry at you Obama, for outlandish spending, for borrowing a trillion from ourselves, for bowing to the king of mecca, and making sure your head was below his shoulders. I know body language means alot in protocal whilst dealing with foreign dignitaries, but no American president should bow to the leader of another country. Thats treason, and even impeachable. It's obvious to me that you are kissing ass to gain favor, and thats not something an American president should do. You make the office of president look weak. You make America look weak. You should consider gaining favor with the American people, yeah you got elected but that doesn't mean your popular and it doesn't mean that all Americans love you, it means that party politics worked in your favor. You have to prove yourself worthy of the office and so far your failing. AFT

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pickens Plan

T. Boone Pickens has a plan to wean us off of oil. Go read it. AFT

GOP Budget Plan

This budget actually looks pretty impressive, comparatively speaking. 4.8 Trillion less spending over the next 10 years, I like that. Five year freeze on nondefense discretionary spending, I'm gonna side with Colin Powell on this one. Basically what he said was if you enact the freeze, you freeze our development. The budget repeals the 787 billion economic stimulus package except for the extension of unemployment benefits. Thats good, I think. It also calls for the fed share of Medicaid payments converted to block grants for states. I know we need a change in Medicaid, but I don't think this is the right way to go. The GOP budget includes 3.6
trillion less borrowing, that's very good. Under the budget spending falls to 20.7% of the nations gross domestic product, as opposed to 24.5% under the Obama proposal. New tax rates and a repeal of the estate tax, corporate tax rate drops from 35% to 25%. I'll have to consider the proposed new tax rates before I render an opinion. The proposed GOP budget plan also permanently extends Bush tax cuts and suspends capital gains through 2010. Heres a quote from Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, "The president's budget is little more than a thinly veiled attempt by Washington to spend its way into prosperity, tax its way into tax relief and borrow its way into debt reduction. This simply cannot work,". I have to agree. More, "Rather than getting spending under control, (the Democratic plan) sends spending out of control," he said. "Rather than keeping taxes low to create jobs, it chases ever higher spending with ever higher taxes and results in ever higher debt; not just a modest increase in our national debt, but an unprecedented, unsustainable increase in red ink." Well it seems like the GOP heard our pleas to stop the spending, but are they really listening to the American people or serving their own interests. I guess we'll have to wait and see. AFT

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama at G20

I read the story on MSNBC but you can probably find it on any news source. I dont want to go into detail about whats being discussed and why Sarkozy is upset. I pulled a few quotes from the article, and I will comment on those.

Quote 1: Obama said there was "enormous consensus" between the world's rich and emerging countries on plans to kickstart the global economy.

Well as long as the rich and the emerging countries agree. Can anyone name an emerging country? Iran? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Heres the critical part, "kickstart the global economy". Thats what G20 is all about, one world, one economy, bye bye U.S. dollar. Hello comrades.

Quote 2: Global trade is plummeting, protectionism is beginning to make inroads and unemployment is rising. Public anger is also inflamed — protests here Wednesday turned violent in some places on Wednesday with some demonstrators throwing things at riot police. Others smashed windows to scramble into a Royal Bank of Scotland building after police managed to hold back protesters trying to storm the Bank of England. Several people were arrested.

Yeah that protesting stuff doesn't work against Globalism, it has all the power, it doesn't care what you think. It wants to be your parents because it knows whats best for you. Bullshit! Protectionism is beginning to make inroads? Inroads to where? Public anger is inflamed, gee I wonder why? What could these protestors be upset about? Oh yeah they are pissed because their national sovereignty is being sold out to Globalization. Same as us angry Americans.

Quote 3: "I am absolutely confident that this meeting will reflect enormous consensus about the need to work in concert to deal with these problems," said Obama

Obama who doesn't listen to the consensus of Americans who don't want to be part of a globalization. What are these problems that the consensus needs to work on? Well let's see, hmmm how about Freedom, or Independence, or outrage amongst the people of the world because their respective nations are being sold out to create one mighty unstoppable global government?

Quote 4: "The core notion that government has to take some steps to deal with a contracting global market place and that we should be promoting growth — that's not in dispute," Obama said.

Notice how he managed to not say which government? Promote growth all you want but do it for America and not for the globo-economic monster that will conquer the earth. Hey Obama I dispute it! I dispute it, if its selling out our freedoms for some financial security, or if those steps you mentioned involve creating a one planet, one govt, one tyrannical dictator system. I dispute it, and I think alot of other Americans dispute it too. You remember Americans don't ya? Those people whose best interest is what you need to be concerned with, the people who elected you and the people who will eventually vote you out. AFT
UPDATE: When I'm wrong I admit it. I was wrong, those protesters over in the UK are not angry over their national sovereignty being sold out. It turns out that they are "well organized anarchists" whatever the fuck that means. Anarchists are more dangerous than Globalization perhaps my article should have been about them. AFT

Drug Test for Jobless

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Now heres what I think, this is the politicians "answer" to: This is the most unAmerican piece of crap I have ever heard. Oh your poor and can't find a job, well if you want some help you have to be drug tested. FUCK that. The government does not have the right to pass legislation to order drug testing. In fact I think they are just doing this to eliminate some spending on assistance programs. Have you ever seen anyone with a serious heroin addiction, it could take them years to break the addiction, but if they don't do it in 60 days they lose benefits, which leads to, homelessness, having to steal to satisfy addiction, but they'll most likely turn to prostitution. Taking benefits away will make crime go up and could have ramifications far down the road that we cannot see now. This is bullshit and I really think this is unAmerican. Is this more distraction politics, dont know? Be careful America, there are people who hold powerful offices that wish to take away your freedom, and enforce their tyranny. Fight this legislation Virginians! AFT

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generation Gap or Miseducation

My bright and normally intelligent daughter said to me the other day, "Maybe communism will be better than what we have now!" We were having a discussion about politics, and I was telling her about the dangers of socialism, marxism, and communism. I realize that she wasn't born before the Iron Curtain fell, so I did my best to educate her, I told her how the people had to stand in line for bread and that you weren't allowed to own anything and that the Kremlin chose your job for you. Kids today don't know how good they have it, because they've never seen a people oppressed, they never lived through the Cold War. I guess what I'm saying is that how can we expect America to remain strong and free if our young don't have an education on subjects like, Why America is Good, or Why the Soviet Union failed. I'm beginning to think everyone should have to take a course in government and a course that explains in detail the differences between governments to graduate high school. Maybe it's my failure as a parent. Just when I begin to think it's my fault, my son gets it, he understands why communism is bad. So how does one kid get it and the other not. I'm baffled. AFT