Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama is Anti-Christian, if not EVIL!

It has come to my attention that Obama ordered the removal of Jesus from Georgetown U. before he would speak there. this one has pictures.

The above links are to blogs that all cover this story very well, so I won't. I'm just going to give you my radical opinion.

I'm sure theres lots of reasons why he'd want to do this, all of them I am certain have something to do with his foreign affairs. Let me tell you a story, my wifes step father was a little boy in Nazi Germany, he saw Hitler speak, and he said Hitler was a great hypnotic charismatic speaker, and he also told us that Obama reminds him of Hitler. Obama is a hypnotic charismatic speaker. You know what else Hitler was? A Jew hater, certainly. He was also evil. Evil, yeah I said it. Some even say that Hitler was the anti-Christ. So we have to ask ourselves does Obama hate Jews, well obviously he would never say it, but he is loyal to Islam. Need evidence to back it up? Go look at the pictures of him bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. Let's all be real honest with ourselves, we know they, Muslims, hate Jews. Thus all the conflict in the middle east. I guess what I'm getting around to is that Obama could be the anti-Christ. Think about it, how many people already see him as "Messianic". I know that is an unpopular thing to say, that I could be labeled as extremist, or racist, or radical. Radical is my favorite, because to me Radical means thinking outside the norm and being open to any idea. Yeah, I am a radical. I love God and I love America. I also love Truth, Justice, and Freedom. So I'll accept being called a nut as long as I can be sure you see the potential for evil that exists in Obama. AFT


  1. That Georgetown University, a school founded by Jesuits, would allow for the covering up of the Name of Jesus is an abomination!

    I do agree with you that the parallels between BHO and Hitler are many and most disturbing. I fear for the future of America!


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