Friday, August 21, 2009

Taxation Upon Taxation

How many times does the United States government tax your hard earned income? Lets say John Q gets his paycheck, all the taxes taken out. On his way home he stops at the convenience store. There he pays taxes on his purchases, items purchased with his income, sales tax, fat tax, tobacco tax, etc. Then he goes home to rest, while home he decides to get his bills in order and go pay them. Cable bill first, cuz he got da bundle, line fee, interstate blah blah, lots of fees and taxes. This is the story of most Americans, you work one, sometimes two or three jobs, and your money just doesn't go very far because of the taxation upon taxation. See this government that just grows itself and really does nothing else of value, well other than national defense has to feed off your income, you might as well burn your money, very little of all that taxation actually benefits you. Wouldn't you like to just get one minimum fed and state tax, and then get to keep all your money without being slammed with all those cumbersome miscellaneous taxes. Can we do something about this, yes, you can work "under the table". I am not advocating this option, it is illegal. Even if you manage to make a decent amount of money you still will get slammed with sales tax and all those others. The only real solution is to pressure congress to change the rules, if you have to take it all the way to the supreme court. Let's face it we all know that the government is a wasteful entity, and even with Obamas valiant attempt to appear as if he was cutting the waste, he didnt. We need people in there with some common sense, pull all the government grants for research on ridiculous things like the speed at which ketchup rolls downhill. Cut funding to all the ridiculous offices, and czars and all other beuracracies that are not essential to running the govt. Then pass a law that says in years without a balanced budget, nobody in govt. gets paid. From the prez all the way down to the bottom of the pile. We need some serious cost cutting efforts and TARP and bailouts is throwing good money after bad, anybody that is trying to save money knows that is just bad. There are things we citizens can do to save money, and we shoud for the betterment of ourselves, but our government needs to save money too, for the betterment of our future. I'm all over the map on this one, it was an unplanned post. Anyways peace America! AFT

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homegrown Terrorist,2933,540441,00.html?loomia_ow=t0:s0:a4:g4:r3:c0.000000:b0:z5

We've all seen this guys face, the homegrown jihadist. Have we actually seen any real evidence of this guys link to terror training camps, etc.? I can't help but wonder if this guy isn't really a patriot who maybe is very zealous with his love for country. I can't help but wonder if maybe they are painting this guy to be a terrorist, to use the Patriotic Act to violate his rights. I firmly believe that there are terrorist cells in the United States. Despite my suspicions, if this guy is a terrorist he has opened a door for prosecution of lots of dissenting Americans as terrorists. The Patriotic Act could be used to search our homes without a warrant, they can monitor your activity online, they can hear your phone calls, especially cell phones. The most damaging effect of the Patriot Act, is that they can label you a terrorist, circumventing the Innocent until Proven Guilty part of American law. They point the finger at you and say terrorist, then you don't get rights, you go off to some nameless prison or internment camp, and they do not have to show the evidence to the people. President Obama has knocked down lots of Bush legislation, but not the Patriot Act, why? Because any good socialist needs a way to silence the opposition. Any of us anti-Obama bloggers could be targets of this, anybody who dares to speak against him at a town hall, anybody who doesn't fit with Obamas plans. An administration that clearly has an agenda and does not care what the people think, will cherish a system that allows them to spy on their enemies, gives them free reign to ride roughshod right over the Constitution. Homeland Security could be kicking in your door next. AFT

Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Patriotic Dissent is Working!

That is right, we are finally making enough noise to get their attention, but they keep saying its an organized conservative plot. Eventually they will come to grips with the idea that they have no idea what ordinary Americans want, and then maybe they will come to us to find out what issues matter to you. Don't ever stop emailing and faxing congress, obviously if we aren't constantly bombarding them with our opinions they will not do what is best for us. If we stop telling them what we want they will go back to doing what is best for them. So now that we have found our power and have exercised it, we must forever exercise our peoples power otherwise it will grow weak, like a muscle. You've got to flex that muscle to keep it strong! Running this great nation is every Americans job, we are the watchdogs for our childrens future. We all want the generations to come to live in a better more free America. Encourage everyone around you to take an active role in governing our government. has all the email addresses and phone numbers for all your congressional representatives. Use this service and flex your patriotic muscle. Never forget, Of the People, By the People, For the People AFT

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freedom of Choice Act

Oooh, that sounds good doesn't it. Too bad it has nothing to do with freedom or choice, its a little piece of legislation that Obama wants. It is the most pro-abortion bill ever. It wants all you good taxpayers to pay for abortions, whether you are for against matters not. It overrides state laws concerning abortion, partial birth abortion, and parent notification for pregnant minors. It takes all the choice out of your hands, and makes all forms of abortion legal and taxpayer supported. We have to stop this. Which side are you on, pro life or pro choice? I personally feel that abortion is a despicable, horrible thing. However I understand that in our very fucked up society it is a necessary evil. When the orphanages are empty, when every child born has a family to love them, then I say outlaw abortion. Unfortunately our world is full of evil, crime, and disease. I see times when abortion is necessary, I hate it, but this world creates babies without concern of who will raise them and financially support them. I can rationalize some abortion because of my belief in reincarnation. I see that a child unwanted in this life, will get a second chance at life. I cannot rationalize adult promiscuity paired with abortion as birth control. If you can't afford or are not able to raise a child, stop fucking. You can get free birth control in any city in America, there is no excuse for you to keep getting pregnant and then abort. In cases where birth defect or some other tragedy jeopardizes the mothers or the child's life, then the decision belongs to the parents. I hope I never have to make one of those decisions. In cases of rape, which is the most despicable act, I think it should be a death sentence, if a child is created as a result of a rape, I believe that it is the pregnant ones choice. No, rapists do not get fathers rights. They should get impaled on spikes and everything they own be sold at auction and put into a fund to pay child support. This is a very complicated issue and I do not claim to have any solutions. I just wanted to express my point of view. I received an email on this subject that inspired me to get on this subject today. Mike Huckabee wants to stop this "evil" law.

Sidenote: I like Mike! If he runs for president again he will probably get my support. AFT