Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pelosi Resign Now!

Oh hell yeah, Nancy has been caught red handed telling bold faced lies to the American people.
We almost impeached a president for his lies, about a sexual interlude. Pelosi lied about her knowledge of interrogation techniques. She has got to go. If her fascist master won't accept her resignation, then we demand his resignation too! It is an outrage and I will not shut up about it. Power to the People! AFT

Friday, May 8, 2009

Victims Forced To Pay For Evidence Collection You have to read that!

It is an absolute outrage, a woman who was raped gets bills for the collection of evidence at a hospital. This is insane, who the fuck would dare look at this lady and tell her that she is getting charged because she was raped. I bet none of those dumbass legislators thought to make the attacker pay! In this case the attacker was a juvenile, so send the bills to his parents.
Victims of crimes shouldn't have to pay anything to put their attacker away, make the criminal pay! It's that simple.

Libertys Crown to Open July 4th

Full story here:

Lady Libertys crown to be opened for tourists on July 4th. Reality check, Obama gave us this little patriotic nugget to show what a great President he is, or to distract us from thinking about the hole he is going to bury us all in. Oh yeah, think about it people. "Oh don't look at all these trillions we're spending, just look at the Statue of Liberty and let your patriotism uplift you." Whatever Obama, we the people are on to you and your fascist ways, I wont be distracted. I know my freedom is threatened, and I am going to do everything I can to fight it. Because it is my right and responsibility to stand up for my freedoms. It is my right and responsibility to preserve freedom for generations to come. If you aren't fighting you aren't free. AFT

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Your AFT Gear Today!

Yeah that's right, American Free Thinker gear! Go buy everybody in your family an AFT shirt or mug today. C'mon people, I got a family to feed. Just click the shirt to go to the AFT store!

More Beck!

Heres a link I had some video embedded but it made my html go away.

I know I use a lot of Glenn Beck video here on American Free Thinker, but theres a reason. He says things that I have said. I think he cares more about America than any elected official ever has. Beck is in sync with many Americans who are tired of the politicians song and dance, like me, he wants honesty and integrity from our politicians and he is not afraid to point out on national television that neither party represents the American people. He sees the road to tyranny that we are speeding down. He speaks what he believes, when other "news" reporters just keep talking the party lines. He encourages you to see what the other hand is doing. I know many people don't like him, but I suspect thats because they've been brainwashed into one party or another, and cannot see truth through all the bullshit. Glenn Beck is a great American because he is fearlessly leading the charge for truth and justice. AFT

U.S. - Israel Secret Nuke Accord

The cat is out of the bag. Nice bit of reporting Fox. Now everybody knows about the secret accord. I wonder if, now that the world knows, will it change things with Iran. Yep, I think it will, Ahmadinejad would be stupid if he didn't use it as leverage. Somethings just don't need to be reported. Because it's not a secret anymore, Obama will probably find a way to dissolve the accord. As you know, he is pro Iran. AFT

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Matter of Time

This isn't exactly the video I was looking for, but that one eluded me. Has everyone seen on Glenn Beck show, the scale between tyranny and anarchy? I'll assume you have. What I want to know is how long until we reach the end of the scale, tyranny? I also want to know how long do you think it will take for protests, like tea parties, to straighten out the government? We have to figure this out, what if the tea parties will take ten years and tyranny only five years. When will the time come to give up protests and start a revolution? How long until we are forced to fight for our freedom? Think about it! AFT

If anyone can find the video of Glenn Beck show that I am referring to, please send me a link.