Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Left vs Right = No one wins!

I was just over at Fox news website, where I read this, "Anti Tax Tea Parties". I don't think the parties are about taxes, they are about spending. Wake up, the media constantly bends the truth to fit whatever political side they are on, there is no "fair and balanced". I was reading comments, and the left and right are fighting, duh. One of the lefties said, "silly tea parties", that means that the commentor has to demean it as silly because once again logic and truth have left the leftys. Lots of talk about Acorn. Acorn is clearly liberal, and yet no one bitches when they got a big chunk of stimulus money. I am so sick of the left and the right, its not a political party problem, it's an American problem. If all of the country is divided by partisanship then neither side can accomplish anything beneficial to the country. Throw off your political party and join America and do what is best for America and while your doing it, dont violate my Constitution. People who are pissed at the prez are automatically labeled right wing, and anyone pro prez is labeled left wing. I'm pissed at the prez and congress and pissed at the "bury your head in the sand and hope for something good" people, and I am a party of one. Wanna try and label me? AFT

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