Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July Americans! Today is the day we celebrate our independence from an oppressive government. Today we celebrate those who fought and died for our freedom. Freedom as I'm sure you know isn't free, it was payed for by the blood of the heroes, bought for us with their deaths, you do not get freedom by paying taxes. There is a catch, you can have these freedoms bought for you with blood, as long as you are willing to fight to keep them. So today I want all who read this to think about the differences between the freedoms enjoyed 100 years ago, and the freedoms we have today. I'm sure you'll see a difference. We lost the freedoms we weren't willing or wanting to fight for, and don't forget all the freedom we traded away in the name of security. Weapons weren't used to get us to relinquish our freedoms, no, it was words, words like wmd, and terrorists. We cowered away from those "scary things" and now those who fought and died for our freedoms have fought and died for nothing. They must be ashamed of us, for they gave all for freedom and we couldn't even give a little courage. AFT

Monday, June 29, 2009

Supreme Court Surprise,2933,529409,00.html

I believe we've all heard the story, so here is my point of view. It's about damn time, reverse discrimination has been happening since Affirmative Action came into being. All men are created equal, no one is superior. If you earn a promotion, you should get that promotion, regardless of color. It is a great day in American history. The bad news is that if a case like this ever comes up again, Sotomayor will vote the other way. AFT