Saturday, May 23, 2009

Class of 2009

American Free Thinker salutes the Cherokee Comprehensive High School Class of 2009!
My youngest graduated today, I am so happy, my parental responsibilities are over! AFT

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gay Tolerance for Kids,2933,521209,00.html

The gay community has a right to be gay, but we have the right to not accept it. I won't push my hetero agenda on them and they damn sure shouldn't push their gayness on everyone else. These kids are going to be messed up by this. You can't force grade schoolers to be tolerant of gays. This has no business being in a public school. Parents in this school district should all home school their kids or send them to a school that doesn't promote homosexuality. We have to protect our kids from the choices of some people. I don't want anybodies kids to be exposed to anything of a sexual nature while they are still in grade school. There is plenty of time to learn about that stuff when they are older, like in High School. Speak out America, let me know what you think. AFT

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Ashton Lundeby!

This is another case where the Patriot Act is used to violate the rights of the people, and in this case a minor. How much longer are we gonna take this? If the kid is guilty, then he should be punished, but in this case he should get off on a technicality because his mom urged him not to say anything until a lawyer was present, but the FBI wouldn't let the mom call a lawyer. Oh and they dragged Ashtons sister out of her bed, she was traumatized by it. Wouldn't you be traumatized if an armed assailant dragged you out of bed? We cannot allow them to keep doing this, violating our rights, using force on innocent people, and justifying what they do with an UN-CONSTITUTIONAL law. Overturn the Patriot Act now, I don't care if it catches terrorists or prevents wmds, it is being used to persecute American Citizens! We have to unite and fight now, if we don't our freedom will be gone in a blink of an eye. AFT

Fleet Week

American Free Thinker salutes and gives thanks to all men and women who serve in our military today and all who have served in the past. God bless you all. AFT

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Judge Orders Chemo,2933,520690,00.html

There is the link, go ahead read it and come back.
Here is my "extremist" view. Run kid, run as far as long as you can stand, no one should be able to force you to take medical care that you don't want. This is a shame, a judge can order a person to undergo chemo. Everybody I've ever known who had chemo, ended up dying an even more painful death than the cancer would've caused. I love this kid and his parents, you do have the right to die, when and where you want. This is the frontline of the battle for this right. The judge violated this kids rights, who is next and which right is next? The right to die as we please should've been in the bill of rights from the beginning. All it will do is give the people the right of choice and stop Doctors and the healthcare industry from draining the families finances. Fight the Power Kid, you rock. AFT

Monday, May 18, 2009

Are You Scared Yet?

This stuff is scary, but I cannot say for sure if what they say is true, however if even one line is true we all have reason to be scared. I want you to look closely at the photos of Operation Urban Warrior. I also want you to go read this blog , these guys are real heroes and everyone needs to know about them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Biden Goofs Again

Gabby Joe Biden discloses the secret vp bunker, it's location and even suggests that this is where Cheney was when 9/11 went down. Who thinks Joe Biden is going to be shuffled off to some corner of the white house to shut him up? I do! Obama must see what a threat this man is to national security, maybe the big O will just remind him, loose lips sink ships. Now that we all know where the secret bunker is, the gov is going to use your tax dollars to build a new bunker at an assuredly undisclosed location. Probably going to cost us millions, if not billions. I am certain that they won't tell Joe where it is until he needs to know. Unite America Now! AFT