Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Really Big Picture

Let's start by putting the good ol' US of A at center. The American people are getting their ire up, they are organizing and there is even talk of revolution. Murmurings of lost freedom, and corruption. N. Korea testing missiles, maybe selling them to Iran, and now withdrawing from talks. Iran spreading fear, enriching uranium saying its for power plants, but really we know its for nuclear weapons. Quagmirish multinational conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Chinese quietly biding their time, who knows whats up their sleeves. Cuba likes the new American president, maybe he will be able to kill them with kindness and show them how great democracy is, probably not because theres alot of angry Americans who are unhappy with the new prez. France hates America, even though we should be friends, maybe the new USA prez will make friends with the frenchies. UK is having their own problems and they too are sick of misrepresentation by their parlaiment, but they still have a queen, how quaint. Theres rumors of a secret plot to unite all the nations of the world in one global govt. That sounds like the kickoff to World War III to me. We can't get along, they hate us for being free, we hate them for hating us. Muslims hate Christians and Jews. Christians don't know Muslims hate them, they forgot that jihad means "holy" war, Jews can never forget the hatred, they've always been hated.
The nations or groups not mentioned are the ones we should be worrying about, they are quietly handling their business doing, God only knows what. What would God say if he or she suddenly appeared and saw us all hating, fearing, threatening, killing, and cheating each other?
Don't forget all the militant groups who are not state sponsored but sure would like a chance to use the weapons they've been stockpiling, you know who they are, Neo Nazis, Al-Qaeda, Anarchists, Black Panthers, Hezbollah, Somali pirates, etc, etc, etc. Things appear darkest before the dawn, well it's pretty freakin dark out there. One of two things will happen, things will get better, or things will break into all out war and then things will get better for the winner. Unless, some nut launches nukes and then we are all toast. AFT

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