Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vent Time!

No one in Washington accepts the blame, Obamabots blame everything on Bush, and Bush blamed it all on Clinton, and this goes back through history. I have friends, repubs, and dems, that are always getting pissed at me, for speaking my mind. They defend whatever party they've sold their souls to, to the death. They think I am un-American, because I can't support one side or the other for the benefit of the country. I tell them neither side has ever been beneficial to the people. I have a friend who I honestly admit is militant, he is wanting me to draft a new Declaration of Independence, only this one will be independence from a corrupt government. He also wants me to rewrite the constitution. I told him that I support the Constitution, maybe not all amendments, but in general the bill of rights needs to remain intact. If anything I would add to the Constitution, I would change the 2nd Amendment to say that everyone has the right and responsibility to own a gun and carry it openly, without waiting periods and background checks. Because we all know that criminals don't get their guns through legal means, that is just making it harder for an honest American to get a gun. Not to mention the impact it would have on criminals and other unfreindly governments, nobody is gonna fuck with America if everybody has a gun. 1st Amendment should stand just the way it is. I've been bouncing a really radical idea around in my head, contemplating repercussions, if any. My radical idea, a new freedom should be added to the Bill of Rights, the right to die. Yeah I know I am losing readers already, oh well fuck em. I believe that the ultimate freedom is to choose how and when you die. We have a right to life that means on the same scale is the right to die. The ULTIMATE FREEDOM, think about it. I'm sure the medical profession is against this one, after all they would lose billions they make by keeping people alive. We all need to face the fact that we will all die, there is no escape, so I want to choose how and when. Ok heres another idea that will scare off my readers. How about unlimited freedom, that means that I can do any damn thing I want with my property, my body, my life as long as what I do doesn't infringe on anyone elses liberties or put anyone else in danger. Thats a really unpopular idea, but maybe someone like me needed to say it. So our prisons won't be filled to capacity with potheads, and other minor criminals. There'll be plenty of room for the murderers and child molesters. Heres another really fuckin crazy idea, lets create Ellis Island South, one spot on the Mexican border where people can immigrate through, the rest of the border walled up with orders to our border patrol to shoot on sight anyone attempting to cross the border illegaly, because if we give them a legitimate means of immigration only the criminal element will try to cross illegaly. Here's the details, let's say Juan and his family want to come to America, they go stand in line at the spot, when they walk in, the first thing they must do is have their baggage searched for contraband, then every member of Juans family has to swear allegiance to the United States, and they must sign a paper stating they surrender their citizenship and all loyalty to Mexico. They are added to the social security registry, issued soc sec cards and Juan and all of his sons who are over 18, are enlisted to serve in the U.S. Army for a minimum of two years. Now attached to Ellis Island South on the American side will be an employment office. The family members that were not enlisted in the service get to find jobs and pay taxes like the rest of America. Those in the service will of course send their pay home for their family. After two years of service Juan and all his sons who were over 18 are issued their citizenship papers and thanked for their service. Now Juan and the boys are on their way home to become good tax paying citizens, whilst those who went to the job office are now getting their citizenship papers earned for them by Juan and sons. Of course we will make sure that they are fully indoctrinated and naturalized, and make damn certain they know their rights and the law. Why I crafted this idea is because if it weren't for immigrants most of the anti-immigration assholes today wouldn't be here, if my grandfather hadn't immigrated to this country, then this America loving patriot wouldn't be here.
Let's talk about taxes now, here is my "radical" point of view. If we all pay a sales tax, then you cannot add a tax on top of that, no fat tax, no tobacco tax, no anything on top of sales tax. You cannot tax me extra because I like doughnuts. Let's get rid of that estate tax and any and all inheritance or lottery winnings or gift tax, no more taxation on what grandpa left for you. The government keeps slamming us with taxes to pay for their crap, but out of respect to the tax payers the government should do everything to cut costs, to scrap all the pork and ridiculous shit our tax dollars should not be paying for. No more private jets for senators and reps, no more spending tax dollars on their vacations. Here's a crazy one, take away pay from all elected officials, because they are already rich enough. Take away their right to vote themselves pay raises. Let's get rid of the antiquated electoral college, it is obvious they don't vote how we would. A popular vote will truly represent the people. The penalty for an elected official proven to have been accepting kickbacks from lobbyists, should be death. Yeah capital punishment. Maybe then they will serve us and not be greedy. Heres a nutty idea that will lose me some conservative friends, and probably make me popular with the liberals, even tho I dislike them. Nationalized Healthcare, I know crazy, I've thought long and hard on this one. Here is my argument for it, we need it, if we had it then maybe all our jobs wouldn't have left the country because they could'nt afford to pay us and give us health insurance. Not to mention that with this comes an "entity" thats sole job is making sure that the health care industry doesn't milk the govt for money as they do now.

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