Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vent Time Round 2... DING!

Ok, let me just start off with saying that Miss California is a patriot, she spoke out about what she believes in, and that scummy Perez Hilton got pissed because she didn't kiss his ass and lie to earn favor. Sorry Perez, but most Americans are against it, and all the rainbow protesting in the world is not gonna get us to give up the sanctity of marriage. A marriage is between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising a family and procreation. Two gay people cannot do that. I respect their right to be gay, but keep your gayness to yourself and stop trying to force it on us. You do not have the right to marriage.

Obama and the Obamabots, are now opening the door to prosecuting members of the Bush administration for torturing enemy combatants. That is bullshit, fuck off you bleeding heart bastards, those fuckers were organized for the purpose of killing innocent people. I say keep Gitmo and allow torture of terrorists, they don't have any fucking problem torturing and beheading Americans, and they take pride in sending us the video tapes. Fuck Em! and Fuck You if you wanna prosecute Americans for doing their jobs. The Geneva convention does not apply to terrorist groups, only soldiers employed in a national army.

Obama wants to talk about nuclear disarmament. NO! We are not giving up our nukes, forget it. The world just becomes more and more dangerous every day. Giving up our backbone defense would be treasonous. Somebody tell Obama that he can be prosecuted too. Tell those nutjobs like Ahmadinejad and his ilk, that we will do everything we can to stop them from getting nukes. Then remind them what Mutually Assured Destruction means. Even if you do underhandedly get a nuke, you might get the chance to use it, but you wont live to see the results. If Obama won't pull the trigger on you, there are lots of Americans who can get together quick to overthrow him and then annihilate you.

Let's figure a way to get our asses out of Chinese hands, we have to pay them back and real soon, because they are going to collect on the debt. We could get all the school kids of America to make macaroni pictures, and then send the mac art to the Chinese. Here ya go paid in full, macaroni art is worth more than the dollar. Good luck with your communism.

Oh well maybe tomorrow will bring some news worthy of my full attention, Peace and God Bless. AFT

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  1. It's good to get all of that out of your system, isn't it?

    I am with you 100% and I am linking you, my brother. If there is enough unity among the different factions in this country, we can take it back.


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