Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I Were President?

Let's just say that I am lucky enough to win an election and the 2/3rds majority of congress is on my side, just for the sake of argument.

What I'd do. Close the borders,temporarily. Then I would order all U.S. military personnel back to the United States and temporarily shut down all our bases in other countries. Then I would dissolve all trade agreements, no more nafta. Then I would issue a statement to the world that says, "We have not abandoned you, but America must get it's house in order, once we've straightened ourselves out then we will be back to helping you".

Next. I'm gonna push my friendly congress to give me the line item veto, cut the pork right! I would shut down every thing that the U.S. gov does that is not necessary to running the country. I would then promote a bill tripling the wages of everyone serving in the military. They do the hardest work, they should get the best wage possible.

Now I want to reform elections, I would kill the electoral college and institute a fund to create a new technological way for people to vote and actually have their votes mean something. Maybe a super secure website or a cell phone vote system, I dunno, I'll leave the technicalities to the private sector company that wins the bid.

Then I will give all my prez pay to the treasury to put it toward the national debt, and then ask the senators and reps to do the same, if they balk, I'll push through a law that says they don't get paid for the privilege of serving the people. I bet the people would vote for that.

Tax reform, we need it, and I would make sure it happens, but the hard part is figuring out how to make it fair to all. We will probably have to have a panel formed to make sure that every opinion is considered, we want to do what is best after all. I don't claim to know whats best, but I got some ideas. 8% sales tax nationwide, flat, no taxes on top of that except any state sales tax that might apply. I would make it criminal for the government to tax inheritances. Estate tax must go too.

I would have to push for nationalized healthcare, I know some people don't like it but I believe it would benefit the nation in ways that wont be determinable for decades. Imagine the money Americans could save if they weren't spending it on doctor bills and prescriptions. In exchange for taking away inheritance tax, estate tax, etc., the people will be taxed a small percentage of their income for healthcare. With this system we could force down the price of medicines and healthcare. When I say nationalized healthcare I do not mean one giant hmo, I hate hmos.
I'm talking about a system that encourages you to take good care of your health but doesn't force you to make appointments. A system where everybody gets the care they need at the pace they want it. Free prescriptions. We could make this happen tomorrow if Obama hadn't already buried us under a mountain of debt. Now people are skiddish about things like this.

Oh well, I'll probably never get the chance to be president. Just a dream. AFT


  1. I like everything here but nationalized healthcare? Really? What part of the 'don't tread on me' ideology includes nationalized healthcare? Elaborate more sir, or is this a joke?

  2. This is not a joke, I personally believe that this issue will benefit the American people in the long run. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat I am just a guy thinking about whats best for Americans. I know theres lots of elderly folks that have lots of prescriptions but they have to pick and choose what medicines they get based on how much money they have. That's my number 1 reason. The cost of healthcare has become so outrageous that many Americans choose not to go the doctor. What this boils down to is that this is what the hard working tax paying citizens of the U.S., can do in the spirit of charity for those less fortunate. How many kids have no health insurance because their Dad lost his job. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Like most conservatives, I have reservations about national healthcare.

    However, the health insurance industry does need to be reformed.

    For example, Mr. AOW and I have paid in thousands upon thousands of dollars in premiums over the past 35 years. But now that Mr. AOW has lost his job, along with employer-based health insurance, we are stuck with a private policy via HIPPA; it will cost Mr. AOW between $500-$1000 a year because of pre-existing conditions which are under control because he's consistently received medical treatment for them. If not for those pre-existing conditions, his health insurance would cost less than $300 a month (as mine does).

    Now, tell me, how are Mr. AOW and I going to afford a health-insurance premium bill of nearly $1000 every month? We can't -- at least not for long.

    Here's how I would reform: (1) End medical bankruptcy as a possibility. (2) Allow those like Mr. AOW and me, who have paid in over the years upon years, to have free healthcare or something like Medicare before we reach age 65. (3) Have a free-market health insurance industry. Right now, we don't have that because of government employees' having such a break on health-insurance premiums.

  4. Excellent, we need more guys like you, I left a comment on your blog. Go to it's the place where we can work out our differences and debate ideas to make things better.

  5. oops, sorry Always on Watch, I didnt leave a comment on your blog, yet. Thought your comment was from left coast rebel. But you need to check out that website too. It is for all Americans.

  6. Darth Rob, I respectfully disagree, but like AOA above, I believe that healthcare needs to be drastically reformed! I just believe, (and am certain) simply that a gov-run system would be mind-boggingly corrupt, forceful, limit my choices, and eventually be rationed. Kind of like a leviathon HMO. There are free-market solutions instead of a state solution. Thanks for getting the mental juices flowing, hope to see you over at leftcoastrebel again! Maybe I'll post on this topic soon, I know that the Democrats are going to try to push through legislation on this topic soon.

  7. ps, I am not a Democrat or a Republican either, simply a libery-minded the tradition of Jefferson (classic liberalism)


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