Wednesday, March 18, 2009

U.N. says U.S. Demonized Ahmadinejad,2933,509596,00.html

Iran, as a whole, villainized itself back in the 70s when they took those Americans hostage. I am not sure where I saw it, possibly Bill O'Reilly show, one of the hostages said that Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage keepers and that he told him that Iran will invade the U.S.A. So that pretty much villainizes Ahmadinejad. He did it to himself. I think this relates to my other post about some idiots that think it would be ok if Iran had nukes. Ahmadinejad already has a history of threatening the U.S., wants nukes, is a damn terrorist. Nuff said. AFT


  1. "Ahmadinejad already has a history of threatening the U.S., wants nukes, is a damn terrorist."

    The United States already has a history of threatening Iran, wants nukes (hell, they already used nukes, twice), is a damn terrorist (just because it's the US overthrowing governments via the CIA doesn't make it ok, it's still terrorism).

    You see, it goes both ways and that's why people see this all as hypocrisy on the US side. But you don't and won't want to listen to this reasoning because USA #1 la la la la I'm not listening, la la la.

  2. Hey pal, thanks for the comment.
    Let me answer your charges, because I am not covering my ears and saying la la la etc. OK.
    Yep, America used the bomb to end Japans part in World War 2, you are correct, but it came after so many years of global warfare it was considered the right thing to do. We are paying reparations still for that. U.S. overthrowing governments via the C.I.A.
    I can't defend that, and I can't agree with you either, other than to say, it is not terrorism. Terrorist struck the towers to kill innocent people, to get their message heard, not to overthrow the government. Terrorists use fear. We would be terrorists if we strapped bombs to some of our soldiers and sent them into Iranian shopping malls, to blow up innocent people. We, the U.S.A., don't do that. Our military is very careful to avoid killing civilians. Terrorist prefer to kill civilians. As for the world seeing the hypocrisy of the U.S, how many times have United States soldiers died defending those other countries. If the other nations of the world want to see us as hypocrits thats fine by me, because without the United States all of Europe would be Nazi, remember the Nazis, those jew hating assholes. Hmmm who else hates the jews? Oh yeah those terrorist guys. My grandfather gave his life to liberate France from the Nazis, to preserve your rights and freedoms. If you hate America, your entitled, because brave men and women gave their lives to defend your right to say that. Oh btw U.S.A. #1!

  3. Darth Rob,
    I'm actually quite surprised and glad that you approved my comment to be viewed here. I never should have jumped to the conclusion that YOU personally ignore the other perspective, but Americans in general do, very much so.

    I agree that the atomic bomb attacks on Japan were warranted. I just used that as an extreme example of the hypocrisy involved. We FUCKED up Iraq in the same way Japan fucked up Pearl harbor. In that line of reasoning, Iraq has the right to use nukes to get us out of their country (because the 3 reasons GWB gave us in his State of the Union address outlining why we were going to war in Iraq turned out to be blatant lies and we never should have been there in the first place). Is it ok for the US and Israel to have atomic weapons and to continue to either grow or support those weapons, and to actively work to not allow other countries that same right? Oh wait, we're spreading democracy. A value that we pretend to hold above everything else, but when it backfires on us (see the democratic vote in the UN which told the US we cannot go to war in Iraq) we ignore the democracy and go our own way.

    I think you need to review the USA's definition of terrorism... From U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d)
    the term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents
    Are you telling me that our actions in South America in trying to form coups to overthrow established governments isn't considered terrorism? It wasn't American terrorism that put the Taliban in power or Saddam in power?

    It is a FACT that America supports and breeds terrorists. Schools of America for one (which has since been renamed). What about the recent claim that Cheney had personal death squads killing people (civilians included) without Congressional approval. This is not yet a fact, but pretty credible at this point. The WHOLE PURPOSE of the CIA is to act as a terrorist organization (see Operation Phoenix from Vietnam) by trying to get rid of people/governments that don't support the US. Isn't it terrorism to yank people out of their homes and imprison them in Gitmo for YEARS with really no particular reason that's ever been explained to anyone?

    I used to love my America until I took off the veil and looked at the truth. I think America once was the best country ever, but our morals and ideals have been moving in the wrong direction for many decades and I weep for her to return to her former glory. But the road we are on now will only lead to our devastation as we continue to try to take over the world.

  4. Let me start off with I agree we never should have went into Iraq, we never should have went around the U.N.s backs. I still think that terrorists are defined by the fear they try to instill. Cheney had Death Squads, first I've heard of it, but I believe it is entirely possible. Using the CIA to try to overthrow governments is wrong, but not terrorism. I am in no way defending our government, they have done so many dirty, backhanded deals, example Iran Contra, only an idiot would blindly trust those in power. I say no politician can be trusted. I am saying that the American people are still basically good people. I am saying that the basic principles of freedom that this nation was founded upon are still critically important. They are still valid and they are what makes this nation great. Just like my quote at the top of the page says, "You dont have to believe in your government to be a good American, you just have to believe in your country. It is the subversion of those principles that leads to the government thinking their God and trying to conquer the world. I did not vote for Bush, never supported his war, I still believe he was in it for a piece of Iraqi oil. I also firmly believe that Bush let Bin Laden get away because they are friends. Have you seen Farenheit 911? I guess to summarize, United States Govt.= Untrustworthy, possibly criminal. United States = Good, important, in need of return to morals and values. No matter how wrong we are, it still does not quantify allowing Ahmadinejad to have control of nuclear weapons, because I truly believe he will use them and thats the difference between us having nukes and third world despots having nukes. Yes we bombed Japan, but no one has used a nuke since then. Because we let the genie out of the bottle, we know how dangerous they are and we keep them as a means of deterrent. I encourage open debate and I am glad you came back to read my reply. Thank you.

  5. Huh, I'm actually surprised we share a lot of the same opinions. Upon reading your original article I got the impression we were miles apart. Yes, HUMAN BEINGS are still basically good people whether American, French, Israeli or Iranian. Its only when you kill the ones they love and threaten their way of life that they want to blow themselves up killing you.
    I disagree with calling Iran a 3rd world nation and given it's history, location and natural resources, I doubt it will ever be considered 3rd world. I do think it is important to the entire world that we get rid of as many nukes as we can, but it is EXTREMELY hypocritical to say "this country can have them, but this other one can't". Try leading by example instead. Look at Israel compared to Iran right now... who is the larger threat to use nukes? I would say Israel, yet WE SUPPLIED THEM WITH THE NUKES! Heck I think the US is a bigger threat with nukes than Iran with nukes.
    Iran, or any other country for that matter, wouldn't be a threat to the US if the US would just mind their own business and stop meddling in others affairs. This would be a NON-INTERVENTIONIST approach like Ron Paul wanted, like the foreign policy GWB ran on in 2000 that won him the election until he pulled a 180 on 9/11.
    We need to APOLOGIZE to the world for our mistakes and PROMISE to do better in the future by ARRESTING and IMPRISONING our TREASONOUS former administration! And then actually follow through on our promises. Only by doing this will we make America less of a target and therefore safer.

  6. Ok, I concede that Iran is not a third world country. Israel needs nukes, because the Arab nations of the world want Israel gone. They have them for purposes of self defense. Israel has had plenty of opportunities to use nukes but instead relied on conventional means. I understand there is a hypocrisy. Sometimes hypocrisy is for the best. Ahmadinejad has sworn to his people and to his God that he will destroy the nation of Israel and the United States. Jihad is holy war, not political war, holy war is one faith trying to destroy another or several others. I know that we as Americans should try to lead by example. Like a parent who used drugs tells their kids not to use drugs, it's because we know how dangerous nukes are that we don't want everyone to have them. Someone has to be the leaders, because we have the power and are willing to sacrifice our lives to preserve the sovereignty of those other nations, that job falls on us. Even though other nations see us as hypocrites we would still go ,guns blazing, to their defense. Just like we did for Kuwait, and many others. I understand your point of view, but those other countries need America to be strong and be a global leader for their own sake. China wouldn't step in and fill our defenders shoes. They would conquer the world and still might. If there were no hate in the world, then I would say nukes for everybody. It's ok if they hate us, just like people who hate cops, but call the cops as soon as they are in need. I guess I just want you to see that America is not evil. Even though other nations and people might see us that way.
    American nukes and Chinese nukes and Russian nukes are the reason there has not been a World War III. Because we all know we have them, that makes us step lightly around each other and the devastation to the earth that would come from nukes makes us want to look for peaceful resolutions. If Iran had nukes they would use them, they would nuke Israel and the U.S. would respond by nuking Iran and a chain reaction will be set off until there is no more life on planet earth.


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