Saturday, March 21, 2009

AIG Controversy is a Diversion

Click here to watch this eye opening video !

Did you watch the video? If not, watch it! Just when I thought it was gonna be a slow news day, sneaky old Uncle Sam pulled a fast one. Yes, I believe that the AIG bonuses were thrown in the bailout just to divert our attention from what is really going on. We just wrote ourselves a big I.O.Me, for a trillion dollars! Is this the end of capitalism, probably, but I saw it coming way back when the dollar was no longer backed by gold. Which, by the way, the price of gold went way up when this happened, if your looking for a solid investment, you can't go wrong with GOLD. Maybe this is the signal we needed to kick off the revolution, it's time to get these self serving politicians and their cronies in the various departments, get them and imprison them for attempted murder of Lady Liberty. I'm serious, we need to organize, it's time to change things and the right to force a change for the better is in the hands of the American people. We don't want socialism, we don't want communism, we want Democracy and maybe I'm the only one who thinks this but Capitalism goes hand in hand with Democracy. Business is good for America. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like foreign trade and companies leaving this country to seek cheaper labor is what is killing America, well that and idiotic politicians who are too wrapped up in partisanship to see whats best for America. It used to be America made everything it needed to survive. We need a law that says if a company that was formed in the U.S. and then moved or moves to another country does not get to import their products to the United States. It is time for American Revolution II. AFT

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