Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Should we allow Iran to have nuclear weapons?

First read the story at this link:

Here goes my answer. Hell NO! When is the world gonna wake up and realize that this jihad against us is not political. They dont hate us because were free, they hate us because of our commitment to Israel. Jihad means holy war, you don't make holy war unless you intend to wipe out everybody who worships differently than you. They, they being Al-Qaeda and terrorist sponsor nations, want us to die, thats all. If they have Nukes they WILL use them, c'mon people dont be stupid. America is the bastion of Freedom, we cannot allow a people who are dangerous and threatening to have the most powerful weapon on earth. If we fail to stop them, then we'd all better be digging bomb shelters or studying the Koran. They're not gonna nuke Israel and stop there, no, they are coming for you and me. They HATE us Judeo-Christians, all the talk in the world cannot stop them. My view may be radical to some pacifists and diplomats but the only way to win against a jihad is to kill as many of the enemy as possible. Nuke them first, I know it's crazy, but its the only way to prevent them from nuking us first. We've already seen that they know how to make a quaqmire out of any conventional military action. No need to throw our peoples lives into the war machine, use the nukes we have. Kill them before they can kill us. I know I'm on a radical bend here but sometimes someone just has to stand up and say, "Enough of this talk, its time for action!" It's getting close to "Kill or Be Killed" time.
Please don't tell me how nuclear action against Iran will cause the loss of numerous innocent lives, because they don't give a damn how many innocents they slaughter in the name of Mohammed.

Sidenote: You might want to close the borders and have all the Iranians in this country deported, before their sleeper cells are activated.

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