Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generation Gap or Miseducation

My bright and normally intelligent daughter said to me the other day, "Maybe communism will be better than what we have now!" We were having a discussion about politics, and I was telling her about the dangers of socialism, marxism, and communism. I realize that she wasn't born before the Iron Curtain fell, so I did my best to educate her, I told her how the people had to stand in line for bread and that you weren't allowed to own anything and that the Kremlin chose your job for you. Kids today don't know how good they have it, because they've never seen a people oppressed, they never lived through the Cold War. I guess what I'm saying is that how can we expect America to remain strong and free if our young don't have an education on subjects like, Why America is Good, or Why the Soviet Union failed. I'm beginning to think everyone should have to take a course in government and a course that explains in detail the differences between governments to graduate high school. Maybe it's my failure as a parent. Just when I begin to think it's my fault, my son gets it, he understands why communism is bad. So how does one kid get it and the other not. I'm baffled. AFT

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