Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama Warns Bankers

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I'm not gonna bother to go into detail on this one, I only want to comment on one thing. Obama told the bankers that his administration is the only thing between the bankers and the pitchforks. Thats true, those idiots screwed up bad and the American people are holding them accountable. However, those same pitchfork and torches Americans are also getting angry at you Obama, for outlandish spending, for borrowing a trillion from ourselves, for bowing to the king of mecca, and making sure your head was below his shoulders. I know body language means alot in protocal whilst dealing with foreign dignitaries, but no American president should bow to the leader of another country. Thats treason, and even impeachable. It's obvious to me that you are kissing ass to gain favor, and thats not something an American president should do. You make the office of president look weak. You make America look weak. You should consider gaining favor with the American people, yeah you got elected but that doesn't mean your popular and it doesn't mean that all Americans love you, it means that party politics worked in your favor. You have to prove yourself worthy of the office and so far your failing. AFT

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