Saturday, March 28, 2009

Freedom Tower Renamed

I don't know why they would do this, but the new name, One World Trade Center, stinks of globalization. Oh not to mention the several floors reserved for the China Center. Oh now I get it, the company is Chinese. I can't help but feel some outrage at this, taking Freedom out of the name makes sense though since China hates freedom and wants to enslave the world with their Communism. I guess it no longer makes it a memorial to those who were lost, or their families, like it was meant to be. Now its just gonna be a big gleaming memorial to the death of our freedom. Congratulations Vantone and the N.Y. Port Authority, you are the first winners of the American Free Thinker *FUCK YOU* award. AFT


  1. Don't forget the Sears Tower is being named after a foreign insurance company too. I'm beginning to think the USA was just an international experiment. If we really had enough nukes to blow the world up 80 times over why does it feel like so many countries are fucking with us? When they talk about Iran finally having their first nuke, I think they're really talking about the USA. If we really have nukes I say we use them on the countries that are trying to change our country into a place we won't recognize anymore.

  2. It feels more like our leaders sold us out, thanks for commenting.

  3. Great award! I look forward to watching you pass this award out. Hopefully you never drop this one on me!


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