Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drug Test for Jobless

This is the link to the CNN story:

Now heres what I think, this is the politicians "answer" to: This is the most unAmerican piece of crap I have ever heard. Oh your poor and can't find a job, well if you want some help you have to be drug tested. FUCK that. The government does not have the right to pass legislation to order drug testing. In fact I think they are just doing this to eliminate some spending on assistance programs. Have you ever seen anyone with a serious heroin addiction, it could take them years to break the addiction, but if they don't do it in 60 days they lose benefits, which leads to, homelessness, having to steal to satisfy addiction, but they'll most likely turn to prostitution. Taking benefits away will make crime go up and could have ramifications far down the road that we cannot see now. This is bullshit and I really think this is unAmerican. Is this more distraction politics, dont know? Be careful America, there are people who hold powerful offices that wish to take away your freedom, and enforce their tyranny. Fight this legislation Virginians! AFT

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