Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Patriotic Dissent is Working!

That is right, we are finally making enough noise to get their attention, but they keep saying its an organized conservative plot. Eventually they will come to grips with the idea that they have no idea what ordinary Americans want, and then maybe they will come to us to find out what issues matter to you. Don't ever stop emailing and faxing congress, obviously if we aren't constantly bombarding them with our opinions they will not do what is best for us. If we stop telling them what we want they will go back to doing what is best for them. So now that we have found our power and have exercised it, we must forever exercise our peoples power otherwise it will grow weak, like a muscle. You've got to flex that muscle to keep it strong! Running this great nation is every Americans job, we are the watchdogs for our childrens future. We all want the generations to come to live in a better more free America. Encourage everyone around you to take an active role in governing our government. has all the email addresses and phone numbers for all your congressional representatives. Use this service and flex your patriotic muscle. Never forget, Of the People, By the People, For the People AFT

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  1. I agree, but there are enough tricksters and thugs in Obama's administration to divert and distract the protesters. This is not the time to admire our handiwork.

    Those thieves aren't through yet.


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