Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freedom of Choice Act

Oooh, that sounds good doesn't it. Too bad it has nothing to do with freedom or choice, its a little piece of legislation that Obama wants. It is the most pro-abortion bill ever. It wants all you good taxpayers to pay for abortions, whether you are for against matters not. It overrides state laws concerning abortion, partial birth abortion, and parent notification for pregnant minors. It takes all the choice out of your hands, and makes all forms of abortion legal and taxpayer supported. We have to stop this. Which side are you on, pro life or pro choice? I personally feel that abortion is a despicable, horrible thing. However I understand that in our very fucked up society it is a necessary evil. When the orphanages are empty, when every child born has a family to love them, then I say outlaw abortion. Unfortunately our world is full of evil, crime, and disease. I see times when abortion is necessary, I hate it, but this world creates babies without concern of who will raise them and financially support them. I can rationalize some abortion because of my belief in reincarnation. I see that a child unwanted in this life, will get a second chance at life. I cannot rationalize adult promiscuity paired with abortion as birth control. If you can't afford or are not able to raise a child, stop fucking. You can get free birth control in any city in America, there is no excuse for you to keep getting pregnant and then abort. In cases where birth defect or some other tragedy jeopardizes the mothers or the child's life, then the decision belongs to the parents. I hope I never have to make one of those decisions. In cases of rape, which is the most despicable act, I think it should be a death sentence, if a child is created as a result of a rape, I believe that it is the pregnant ones choice. No, rapists do not get fathers rights. They should get impaled on spikes and everything they own be sold at auction and put into a fund to pay child support. This is a very complicated issue and I do not claim to have any solutions. I just wanted to express my point of view. I received an email on this subject that inspired me to get on this subject today. Mike Huckabee wants to stop this "evil" law.

Sidenote: I like Mike! If he runs for president again he will probably get my support. AFT

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