Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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We've all seen this guys face, the homegrown jihadist. Have we actually seen any real evidence of this guys link to terror training camps, etc.? I can't help but wonder if this guy isn't really a patriot who maybe is very zealous with his love for country. I can't help but wonder if maybe they are painting this guy to be a terrorist, to use the Patriotic Act to violate his rights. I firmly believe that there are terrorist cells in the United States. Despite my suspicions, if this guy is a terrorist he has opened a door for prosecution of lots of dissenting Americans as terrorists. The Patriotic Act could be used to search our homes without a warrant, they can monitor your activity online, they can hear your phone calls, especially cell phones. The most damaging effect of the Patriot Act, is that they can label you a terrorist, circumventing the Innocent until Proven Guilty part of American law. They point the finger at you and say terrorist, then you don't get rights, you go off to some nameless prison or internment camp, and they do not have to show the evidence to the people. President Obama has knocked down lots of Bush legislation, but not the Patriot Act, why? Because any good socialist needs a way to silence the opposition. Any of us anti-Obama bloggers could be targets of this, anybody who dares to speak against him at a town hall, anybody who doesn't fit with Obamas plans. An administration that clearly has an agenda and does not care what the people think, will cherish a system that allows them to spy on their enemies, gives them free reign to ride roughshod right over the Constitution. Homeland Security could be kicking in your door next. AFT

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  1. I don't know a heck of a lot about this case, so I don't feel comfortable commenting on it just yet. But the thing I worried about with the Patriot Act was not centered on the Bush Administration. I believe they were genuinely using to catch bad guys and that was that.

    The concern I had was when an asshole like this one got into office. And we all knew that someday, someone like this would get elected and abuse it.

    Your post gives good food for thought.


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