Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu: Truth

Well it turns out that the swine flu is NOT a hybrid of human, bird, and swine flu. Once again the truth prevails. There is no reason for anyone to panic, unless you personally know somebody that died from it. There are lots of rumors about this flu. Some are saying that the truth about the swine flu is that it is much more deadly than the media is reporting, I doubt it though. I even thought that it could be a plot by Obamabots to scare us into supporting nationalized healthcare. It is most likely just a natural occurence. Don't Panic! AFT


  1. note that this diversion (panic) was instigated just as pelosi et al ie bailouts and corruption have been the subject of populist scrutiny.

    this was to divert attention from the blatant corruption. keep your eye on the ball. continue to demand transparency and accountability.

    ross perot said "it's time to take a shobvel and clean the barn"

    he also said saoething about a huge sucking sound of jobs leaving the usa if nafta is passed. hmmm...

  2. I'm taking the usual precautions I always take during flu season: lots of handwashing, use of sterilizing gel, etc.

    I've lived through many flu or flulike epidemics.

    The media's and the politicians' harping on and on about this flu is nothing short of fear mongering. There's an agenda afoot here.


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