Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

I take a few days off to work on another project and all hell breaks loose, not really. Well the people of NY got a scare. Oh and that damned Swine Flu, watch out for that stuff, get your masks on. So what is there really to be afraid of, the answer is a whole hell of a lot. Obama and his army of senators and representatives, can do anything they want to this country, including selling us out right into a fascist global government. Imagine that fascist gov for a moment, no freedom, no religion, no choice, no privacy, no chance. That dark and fearsome world is coming. So we as a people who still have some freedom left, need to rise above fear, we have to overcome fear. When you overcome fear only then are you truly free. We have to dig deep inside ourselves and find that bravery, find courage, bring it out and use it. We have to take a stand now and fight for freedom. When I first set out to draft a new Declaration of Independence I was very fearful. I wasn't seeing the outcome, I was seeing the possible repercussions. I was concerned about prison, firing squad, loss of citizenship, a myriad of things. I had to find in myself courage, I had to put aside fear and work for the greater good. Now that the peaceful revolution has started, I feel more free than I ever have. I feel like I understand better all those history classes. I feel as though I am in good company. Please do not let fear win, our only hope is to put the power back in the hands of the people.

The revolution is not a conservative thing, its not a liberal thing, its not about the choices you made in the past, its about the choices you make now. The revolution is not about Obama, its about a long train of abuses and violations of our rights that goes back at least 50 years. We've endured the corruption of our government, the misuse of power, and the transgressions against our rights for far too long. Stand up and fight so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren can grow up in a better America than the one we grew up in. Join us, sign the new Declaration, join the forums and help us plan the new America. V, for victory. AFT

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