Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Question or Two

I was talking with some gentleman in a chat room. I mentioned the quote, "Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security" One of the men there said that its "essential freedoms". I want to know what you think, what freedoms are essential and which are not essential. I think that they are all essential. We were talking about the Patriot Act which gives the gov the right to track you, read your email, and wiretap your phones. When this was passed it was just after 911 and everybody in congress voted for it, I think they voted for it because at a time like that no one wanted to be called un-American or against the president. Obama who bashes Bush with abandon(try saying that five times fast), has not mentioned it, has not wanted it revoked. Why has he not wanted it revoked? So comment away with your answers, I await your response.

1 comment:

  1. Good point, Rob. There has not been one mention of overturning the PA that I've heard.

    As to liberty vs security, I've always wondered if Franklin would change his saying if he knew about WMDs.


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