Friday, May 15, 2009

No Torture or No Privacy

We have to decide whose rights are going to be violated, ours or the terrorists? I've been ranting about the Patriot Act for awhile now, I know everybody gets tired of hearing it, but here I go again. Torturing terrorists who seek our destruction and taking away our right to privacy in the name of preventing WMDs. Ooooh everyone tremble in fear, the terrorists rights must be protected and fought for, but damn you stupid Americans how dare you want a right to privacy. I say repeal the Patriot Act now and torture the fuck out of those bastards. Torture all of them if it protects us. Don't take away our rights and then establish rights for terrorists. That is giving aid and comfort to the enemy and it is treason. Do you see what I am trying to get at? Enemy Combatants have rights and we do not. Tyranny is coming, anybody that would kiss the ass of a bunch of jihadists while taking away our citizens rights is a fucking piece of shit, ahem CONGRESS. I know it got through without even being read because no one wanted to appear un-American. Don't you think that at a time like that it is ever more important to speak out and stand up for the rights of the people. Isn't that when individuals use fear and patriotism to get their way. I don't give a damn if the rest of the world condemns us for torturing them, if you really believe that a wmd attack is likely, than you should support torturing these idiots to prevent wmds. If you truly are an American than you understand how precious and rare our rights and freedoms are, there is no excuse on earth big enough for me to relinguish freedom. Once one right goes away it won't be long until they are all gone. AFT

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