Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Seemingly Unrelated Articles

Story 1, the golf commentator who made a joke about Nancy Pelosi.

Story 2, Miss California is the victim of a witch hunt.,2933,519655,00.html

Story3, Christian Childrens Fund removes Christian from its name.

What is the one common thread that ties these stories together? I'll tell you what it is, it's political correctness. The evilest form of mind control.

The golf commentator was forced to apologize to Nancy Pelosi. Why? The answer is because the golf world saw it as politically incorrect. They were outraged, oooh.

Miss California when asked a question gave an honest answer, but her answer wasn't pc. I guess kissing the ass of special interest groups is more important than honesty. Save your righteous indignation over the semi nude photos, that all came out because the gay lobby went out of their way to find dirt on her because she wasn't politically correct.

Christian Childrens Fund, is removing Christian from their name, all of a sudden faith in Christ is no longer politically correct. This is the death of Christianity. How can an organization founded on Christian principles remove Christian from its name? It is insanity, and I urge all of you to please not only stop giving to this charity, but engage in a letter writing campaign until they change their mind.

Anybody who claims to be pc, is in all reality a two faced liar. I swear to never be politically correct again and I don't give a damn who my words hurt. Political correctness is un-American! Freedom of Speech, well not anymore when we have to censor our own words because someone else might get their feelings hurt and don't forget that whatever political action group, lobbyist, creeps, etc., that represent the hurt person will engage in a witch hunt to destroy you!
Donald Trump, I wish you read my blog, please don't take away Miss Californias crown, all she did was speak her honest opinion. To hell with the politically correct. Childrens Fund Intl. I give to you a single finger salute. Perez Hilton and the gay lobby I give you a "GO TO HELL", honesty is more important than your cause! Feherty, I have nothing to give you except kudos, speak your fuckin mind man and don't ever apologize! He has to apologize to a person who lied to the American people and has yet to apologize to us for her lie. Apologies are not enough in her case. Criminal charges against her, thats whats best, after all she is a war criminal for approving torture of terrorists. AFT

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