Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here Comes The Shaft, Watch Out Small Business

I'll bet you've heard about Obamanations new health care plan. Yeah he might as well just fast track a bill that says if you own a business you have to leave the country now. He is going to make the employer pay for your health care. Well kiss your job goodbye. Guess what any smart business man is going to do. I would pack up shop and sell off all my property in the U.S. and take my business elsewhere, somewhere nice where theres less restrictive gov and cheap taxes and even cheaper labor. Obama is killing America, he might as well just show up at my house today and shoot me in the face. I hate that bastard. Not because he is black but because he is un-American, because he hates freedom, because he is far too close to becoming a dictator. America we are in grave danger, the enemy is no longer in a foreign land, he is in the oval office. Unite America Now! AFT

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  1. This is big trouble, all right.

    Fortunately, I own my own business, a sole proprietorship and just took out private insurance. Of course, BHO may see to it that there are no private companies. Then I'll either have to get a government job or enroll in a national health-insurance policy.


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