Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Political Science Education

I guess the joke is I don't have any formal education concerning the field of politics. I started blogging as a way to express the thoughts that were buzzing around inside my head. It has turned into an education. I have learned so much about our government and how it works and how it was intended to work. I am forced to rethink alot of my views. I used to be a Democrat, yesterday I wrote that I thought I might be Republican, well that turned out to be false. As near as I can figure a label for what I am, politically speaking, would be something like Jeffersonian-Constitutionalist. I beleive the Constitution is sacred, and freedom should have no limits. I have come to a realization that big business is good for America. The big issue I've learned is that balance is key to positive economic growth. Balance between left and right. Balance between Supply and Demand. The jobs that create the supply left this country, mostly. The people that lost those jobs are being thrifty about their money, so demand is dropping off. Which sets off a chain reaction, the companies aren't making enough money so they start laying off employees, who then in turn start being thrifty with their money, demand drops off even more. This cycle continues until, bankruptcies close companies, we have warehouses full of stuff nobody can afford. Hopefully someone will say let's sell all this stuff in these warehouses at $1.00 a piece. Then the people have to figure out how to employ themselves, it's do something productive or your family starves time. Let's assume that people start to have a little money in their pockets, from homespun business, they start buying up all that stuff at a $1. Now all of sudden everybody wants one of those incredibly cheap doodads, and the supply is getting short. Someone will begin to manufacture them, and they'll have to hire people to run the machines, and then voila jobs are created. Jobs mean that people now have a steady source of income. They become less thrifty, and start buying more stuff, increasing demand. Now supply has to be raised to meet the demand, balance remember, more people get jobs, more people spend money, more products are available to be purchased. We lived fairly well during "rich" times, now we all have to struggle through with "poor" times until the balance restores itself. Thats the economic cycle, as far as my undereducated brain can grasp it.
Now if we could just figure out how to balance the leadership between right and left.
I want to use this post as a jumping off point, I want everyone who reads this blog to start debating how we can fix the country, and restore the Constitution. Comment away as long as it is productive, maybe we common men can solve the problem, like our founding fathers did.

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