Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Ashton Lundeby!

This is another case where the Patriot Act is used to violate the rights of the people, and in this case a minor. How much longer are we gonna take this? If the kid is guilty, then he should be punished, but in this case he should get off on a technicality because his mom urged him not to say anything until a lawyer was present, but the FBI wouldn't let the mom call a lawyer. Oh and they dragged Ashtons sister out of her bed, she was traumatized by it. Wouldn't you be traumatized if an armed assailant dragged you out of bed? We cannot allow them to keep doing this, violating our rights, using force on innocent people, and justifying what they do with an UN-CONSTITUTIONAL law. Overturn the Patriot Act now, I don't care if it catches terrorists or prevents wmds, it is being used to persecute American Citizens! We have to unite and fight now, if we don't our freedom will be gone in a blink of an eye. AFT

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