Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Judge Orders Chemo,2933,520690,00.html

There is the link, go ahead read it and come back.
Here is my "extremist" view. Run kid, run as far as long as you can stand, no one should be able to force you to take medical care that you don't want. This is a shame, a judge can order a person to undergo chemo. Everybody I've ever known who had chemo, ended up dying an even more painful death than the cancer would've caused. I love this kid and his parents, you do have the right to die, when and where you want. This is the frontline of the battle for this right. The judge violated this kids rights, who is next and which right is next? The right to die as we please should've been in the bill of rights from the beginning. All it will do is give the people the right of choice and stop Doctors and the healthcare industry from draining the families finances. Fight the Power Kid, you rock. AFT

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  1. I have a post up about the "Freedom of Choice Act"... a treaty that if signed into law will make parents answerable to international laws in regard to our children... of course it is being forced upon us by the United Nations, as if they know anything about "human rights" or "protecting children".

    This is just one example of many where a parents right to care for and raise their children as they see fit has been overrided by a brain dead, liberal judge. I think parents are in a much better position to decide their own child's fate and know his wishes.

    We indeed live in scary times.


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