Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Beck!

Heres a link I had some video embedded but it made my html go away.

I know I use a lot of Glenn Beck video here on American Free Thinker, but theres a reason. He says things that I have said. I think he cares more about America than any elected official ever has. Beck is in sync with many Americans who are tired of the politicians song and dance, like me, he wants honesty and integrity from our politicians and he is not afraid to point out on national television that neither party represents the American people. He sees the road to tyranny that we are speeding down. He speaks what he believes, when other "news" reporters just keep talking the party lines. He encourages you to see what the other hand is doing. I know many people don't like him, but I suspect thats because they've been brainwashed into one party or another, and cannot see truth through all the bullshit. Glenn Beck is a great American because he is fearlessly leading the charge for truth and justice. AFT


  1. Glenn Beck is somebody who actually loves his country enough to stick his neck out and say what he believes. No politician will do that.

  2. I have listened to Beck for many years. He predicted this economic meltdown a long time ago. I believed him, because it just makes sense to know that borrowing and printing money to keep an economy afloat is not sound policy.

    Can't do it at home, and if you own a small business, you can't do it there either. Whatever makes people think the government is any different from the rest of us, must be over my head. Because, I don't get it at all.


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