Saturday, June 13, 2009

National Healthcare is Gonna Kill Me!

Just watching a bit on Fox, about how the Nat'l Healthcare plan is going to tell us what we can eat and what we can't eat. So long freedom, it was nice knowing you. Sorry but no govt. or doctor is going to control me like a parent does a child. Fuck that! I love cheeseburgers and no one is going to tell me I can't have them. Health Nazis have already replaced the so called bad ingredients from everything and replaced it with a bunch of crap that doesn't taste good and literally makes me sick, bring back trans fat! You can stick all that bullcrap about how my health affects your tax dollars, despite my dietary habits, my last cholesterol check was great. The doctor was impressed. Just because something financially affects the rest of the world, does not give the world or the gov permission to control it. I am ready to fight and die for freedom if necessary, but I guess I should be ready to fight and die for the right to eat what I want!

When my buddy and I were having a discussion about the freedoms we've lost, I thought of the ultimate freedom. Here goes: All human beings have the right to eat, drink, and do anything that we want, as long as it does not violate anyones rights or put anyone except yourself in danger. Thats a far out concept in a world where everything we do is controlled. What? Don't think everything you do is controlled? The police are the controllers of the people, sorry but it is true, it used to be protect and serve, but now it is uphold the law no matter what. They serve the gov now. Your not really free at all, well we still got freedom of speech, but thats just because the gov is going to do what it wants no matter what we say, they don't care about our speech, but if our ideas are too dangerous we get the Dept. of Homeland Security monitoring your blogs, reading your emails, even though they are supposed to be watching for terrorists, then again if you say or do anything against the gov they can label you a terrorist and use the Patriot Act to justify violating your rights. Well this has gone off course, as my posts have a tendency to do. I think I'll move to China, at least there you know what your getting. AFT

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