Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Bank Bailouts

I just heard on Fox news that Tim Geithner said the banks can pay back the TARP funds, and then Fox reported that more bank stress tests are necessary and that more banks might need bailouts. Why? Why should we bail them out? Let them fail, but publish the results of those stress tests so that anyone who holds an account with that bank can get their money out. Mismanaged businesses fail often, why should banks be any different. If I get word that my bank is in trouble I'll be on their doorstep the next morning to get my savings out of danger. FDIC only covers a certain amount, and if banks start failing then FDIC will run out of funds to reimburse the losses. I am not suggesting that there should be a run on banks, but there should be some transparency so those who are in danger will know it, and hopefully be able to act wisely before it's too late. Honestly however, how likely are bankers to be honest with you and tell you if their bank is in financial trouble, they are not, so I'm suggesting setting up some sort of non-government oversight and transparency entity, so that someone can be held responsible if a bank closes and people lose money. I think bankers should support this, after all if your bank comes out with good results, then you will see an increase in business. We do have the right to know how they handle our money and how well run a bank is. AFT

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