Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monitored Convicted Sex Offender Kills Girl Click this link, go read the full story and be sure to look through the pictures so you can see this despicable bastards face.

AFT opinion: Obviously GPS monitoring has failed, why is the bastard still alive. How many more kids have to get molested or murdered or both before we start putting these fuckers to death. Somebody shoot this motherfucker in the head before he kills again. Am I the only one who sees that there is no saving these pieces of shit. Kill them before they get to your daughter or son. Them being convicted child killers. We parents are unable to protect our kids unless we stop them from ever leaving our homes or we carry guns and act as parental security guards. Please America stop allowing people like this fucker to keep getting out of prison. Oh I hear some assholes right now saying, "They're mentally ill, they can't help it." Well that's no fucking comfort to the girls family. If he is so mentally ill that he cannot stop himself from molesting and murdering kids then he needs to be executed promptly, preferably by the girls family. Maybe God will forgive him and he'll reincarnate as somebody not mentally ill or someone who is not a sick fucking child molester!

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