Sunday, February 22, 2009

NAACP protesting NY Post

Heres the link to the CNN story,

I've looked at this cartoon and I dont see Obama anywhere. Stereotypically blacks were once thought to be monkeys, I guess. Stereotypically white cops shoot black people, I guess. Obama introduced the stimulus package. So if you put all of those things I mentioned above in one context, I suppose that could say that the cartoon is racist, or the NAACP is oversensitive to the issues. If we, we being any nonblack person or company, are not allowed to make any negative reference about a black person, which this cartoon MIGHT be, then black people have to stop saying negative things about white people and other black people. Not one more song lyric using racially negative words like the N word or Cracker or Honky or Whitey. See that, just now I had to put the N word and not what it really is. But because I'm white, I can say Cracker, Honky, Whitey, etc. I shouldnt be able to, because they are racial slurs used to define the difference between blacks and whites, ok, same as the N word. Open your minds America, it is time to stop being so damn sensitive about racial issues. Everybody who has walked this earth, has judged people and things by their appearance. It's human nature, watch black comedians, they are not afraid to tell you the differences between the races, those differences make us a diverse and beautiful society, so many differences but just as many similarities. Embrace the difference, we don't hate you, well with the exception of a few closed minded idiots who still salute Hitler, but dont measure all of us by those nutjobs. On the same note, we will try very hard not to measure you by the stereotypes of the past.

Back to the issue of the cartoon, the NY Post has already issued an apology. Hopefully the NAACP will accept it. Hopefully the cartoonist gets to keep his job, because there are far too many people unable to feed their families today, why make another one.

God Bless this beautiful and diverse America

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