Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Makarios

Good question. I am a free thinker because, I do not allow the media, or popular culture, or religious doctrine to influence my opinions. I decide based on my own experiences and I think long and hard on every subject before I let my fingers hit the keyboard. My parents taught me to be able to think for myself, to make my own judgements of what is right and what is wrong. I thank them profusely. People who, I believe, are not thinking for themselves are the ones who make their decisions based on what their church says, or what the media tells them to believe. For instance my wife and I were watching TV last night, a show on Biography called Psychic Kids, the mother of one of the kids was taught by her church that their were no spirits, only angels and demons. Her daughters abilities conflicted with her beliefs, so therefore her daughter was doing something evil or being tricked by the demons. She refused to open her mind to new possibilities because it didnt mesh with the religious doctrine she had been brainwashed with all her life. She only thought what the church told her to think, thus NOT a free thinker.

Thanks for the challenging question, you sound like a free thinker too.
American Free Thinker
God Bless America

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