Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Back Again! Guns a Blazin

Yeah bitches, I'm back and ready to go to war for your rights! The American Free Thinker has been on a long hiatus, erm addicted to a myspace app. All thats over now, with the painful death of a laptop, but I never stopped caring about what is happening to the rights of my fellow Americans. Yes I got disgruntled at the lack of interest most people have in fighting for their rights. I'm starting everything anew today, I pledge to blog relentlessly about the government and any and all abuses of power, I will continue to fight for your rights anyway I can. I'm disabled and living off of the gubment dole, but that doesn't mean I don't get freedom of speech, because that right was given to me by those who fought and bled and died for this country. I will not be biased by my own situation, I will support that which is best for America even if it is bad for me! Some statements about me, I respect the founding fathers and the republic they gave us, I respect the flag, I am a Christian (non-denominational), I believe in truth, justice, capitalism, and the Constitution.

Now that all is out of the way, I want to give kudos to the American people showing up and shouting out their rage at the misrepresentatives! You've scared the hell outta them, they are cancelling townhall meetings because they cannot deal with your outrage, they've never had to face real angry Americans in person. You are having an effect, dont stop, you keep on speaking out about your rights because you all know these idiots in DC don't care about you or your rights. We are not falling for their double talk anymore and they can't handle it. NO to Obamacare and NO to socialism, rock on America!! AFT

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