Monday, August 24, 2009

Email causes Alarm

I received this in an email, I am not trying to plagiarize anybody. However whenever I recieve anything asking for a donation, I can't help but get a little suspicious. I challenge you to be the fact checker, is this email telling the truth? It was titled Big Laber puts Trojan Horse in Obamacare. I am going to sign the petition they offer, because I am fully against Obamacare. If what this says is true, we have a far greater problem than socialized healthcare.

August 24, 2009
Dear Concerned American,
A massive time bomb ticks away, buried in thousands of pages of legislation.
What happens when it explodes?
The forced unionization of hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of doctors, nurses and other health care workers; billions of new forced-dues dollars rolling into Big Labor's coffers; and the union bosses in nearly complete control of your health care.
You see, as bad as what you've already heard about President Obama's health care plan -- the reality may be even worse.
You see, when I saw the videos of union thugs beating down elderly Americans for protesting "Obamacare", I knew something sinister was afoot.
So I called one of the foremost experts on Senate procedure, rules and process. He worked in the Senate for over 30 years! He was respected by most and feared by his opponents.
Because he actually read the bills! He knew the inside game.
But what he uncovered and reported back shocked even me.
I wish it was as simple as a sentence that reads "all health care workers must join or pay dues to a union."
Then, we could trumpet this power grab in a way even the media can't miss, and take out the offending section.
But the forced-unionism scheme is built deep into the very details of the mechanism for "public option," "employer mandates" and "cooperative health care associations."
Simply put, you and I must act today to stop the entire bill.
I'll try to explain in detail what I've uncovered (I've checked with top legal minds to be sure I was right), but I hope and pray right now you will trust me by agreeing to sign the Citizen Mandate opposing the "Obamacare" forced-unionization scheme and make a most generous contribution to your National Right to Work Committee.
You see, "Obamacare" is already increasingly unpopular with working Americans and retirees as they come to understand what it will mean for their health.
And when the American people find out the real story -- how "Obamacare" will give Big Labor control of health care (over 16% of the entire economy) forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans to pay billions into union treasuries -- I believe there will be an uproar unseen in decades that will kill this dangerous bill completely.
You know President Obama is demanding action immediately with Congress back in session.
And seeing Americans rallying in opposition, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are eager to get it done before the entire truth is uncovered.
So there isn't a moment to lose.
That's why your Citizen's Mandate and emergency contribution are needed right away.
I know you've heard a growing chorus of critics of President Obama's health care scheme . . .
But what you may not have heard is that a handful of (union-label) bureaucrats would be making health care decisions for all of us . . .
. . . and even that's not close to the whole story.
Critical health care decisions could be put on hold while a nurse takes her union-mandated smoke break.
The cost of health care would REALLY skyrocket when Big Labor bigwigs pad payrolls with more and more layers of support staff and medical bureaucracy -- all at taxpayer expense.
Government agencies tasked with deciding what care you get would be under the thumb of the union bosses.
And there would be special privileges for union-run insurance plans.
These are just a few of the dangerous elements of the health care bills being debated in Congress, and what will be the law of the land in a few short weeks if you and I don't act today.
You may have heard how union thugs are now showing up to town hall meetings to silence the critics of this scheme by Big Government and Big Labor.
There's a good reason for this -- no one would benefit from this federal powergrab more than Big Labor.
And the truth is, now with Big Labor added to the mix, it could be far WORSE than anyone is letting on.
That's why it's vital you sign the Citizen Mandate petition TODAY, urging the Congressional Leadership to VOTE "NO" on Big Labor's "Obamacare" Bill.
The truth is, should Big Labor's "Obamacare" Bill pass, it would:
*** Force hundreds of thousands of doctors, surgeons, nurses -- and other medical professionals -- under Big Labor's thumb;
*** Heavily tax small businesses' health care plans, while exempting Big Labor from these same taxes, corralling even more workers into forced unionism;
*** Virtually hand Big Labor direct access to taxpayer dollars as the medical boards that direct government funding will be stacked with unelected Big Labor bureaucrats.
That's why it's vital you act TODAY.
You see, hardly anyone is talking about the massive new powers the union bosses would be granted should their radical "Obamacare" scheme pass.
That's because union boss puppets snuck these massive forced-unionism provisions deep within the bill at the last minute.
But trust me, the union bosses and their henchman "know the deal."
In fact, Kenneth Gladney just recently found out firsthand how badly Big Labor wants "Obamacare" at a "town hall" meeting in St. Louis.
For the supposed "crime" of opposing the bill -- and handing out a few "Don't Tread on Me" flags -- Mr. Gladney was beaten viciously by union thugs.
He spent two days in the hospital recuperating from the union-label attack.
And don't expect this to be an isolated incident either.
After all, former United Mine Workers boss Richard Trumka, now the brand-new head of the AFL-CIO, isn't known for reasoned discourse.
In a Labor Day speech several years ago, Richard Trumka very clearly stated his views about how the union's militants should treat their opposition saying, "Kick the (expletive) out of every last one of them."
And now, the AFL-CIO's top brass just announced they'll be sending more thugs to town hall meetings all over the country "to counter the opposition."
I don't know about you, but that sends shivers up my spine.
Worse, Big Labor's "Obamacare" Bill is at the very top of the White House's agenda.
In fact, President Obama has said repeatedly that he hopes the current union-label Congress will ram the bill through in the next several weeks.
So there's no time to waste.
Unless you act today, I'm afraid they may just succeed.
The good news is, the Committee has developed a last-minute, massive program to show folks all over the country exactly what Big Labor's allies in Congress have hidden deep inside the "Obamacare" Bill.
First, our goal is to flood Congress with petitions like the one I hope I have provided links to in this email.
So please fill out your petition and submit it IMMEDIATELY, so I can deliver yours to Capitol Hill with tens of thousands of others from Right to Work supporters all over the country.
Also, if I have the resources, I'd also like to be able to reach an additional eight million folks from all over the country with mail and phones to alert them to the fight we're facing and urge them to turn up the heat on their Congressmen and Senators.
But that's not all.
Over the past few weeks, I've had Committee staff busy drafting hard-hitting radio, TV and newspaper ads calling on Congressmen and Senators by name to oppose Big Labor's "Obamacare" Bill.
And rest assured, we're busy working the blogs, writing guest editorials and working call-in talk radio shows explaining to folks exactly why Big Labor's radical "Obamacare" Bill must be defeated.
Now such a massive (and last minute) effort isn't cheap.
So in addition to your signed petition, I also hope you'll agree to make a generous contribution to help the Committee fight Big Labor's "Obamacare" Bill.
The good news is, thanks to the already massive outpouring of opposition to this dangerous legislation, "Obamacare" is becoming more and more unpopular by the day.
Remember, the American people overwhelmingly oppose forced unionism and the expansion of Big Labor's power. With your help, we can show them this bill is a massive net to trap millions more Americans into paying billions of dollars in forced union dues.
And as soon as folks realize just why it is the union bosses are so intent on ramming this bill into law, we may just win this fight.
But that's not going to happen without your help -- and your generous financial support.
So please help me fight back against Big Labor's radical "Obamacare" Bill by signing your petition IMMEDIATELY.
And if you can, please make a generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 after submitting your petition.
I know, considering the tough times, what I'm asking you to contribute isn't easy.
But this fight is critical.
Thanks to forced-dues provisions in federal law, the union bosses aren't hurting for cash.
In fact, they're marshalling all their ill-gotten "resources" to gain even more forced-dues power by ramming their scandalous "Obamacare" into law.
So please help me fight back with a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 TODAY!
Mark MixPresident
P.S. Should "Obamacare" pass, it would grant Big Labor massive forced-unionism powers over doctors, nurses and other medical professionals -- not to mention -- giving the union bosses virtually direct access to your tax dollars.
That's why it's vital you sign the Citizen Mandate petition IMMEDIATELY, along with a most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 TODAY!

Okay, some of this rings true to me, if you recall Obama gave a large percentage of GM to the labor union. Also Obama is from Chicago politics, labor unions are favored in Chicago. Makes me wonder what these unions did for Obama that now he is paying them back with control of GM and now possible control of Healthcare. AFT

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